Pre-printed Labels Facestock

All of these labels can be pre-printed in flexo, screen, lithographic, digital, offset, etc. technology, and on any of the widely used label facestocks: paper, polyester, polypropylene, vinyl, PVC, polyethylene, etc, depending on many outside factors and terms of use.

The factors that influence your choice of pre-printed labels to order are:

Depending on the elements that your labels will be exposed to, you can choose among a wide selection of facestocks: white matte or gloss, shiny gold or silver foil, fluorescent labels (yellow, green, pink, orange, red), clear or white poly, yellow or white vinyl, etc.

Polyester and vinyl are often chosen for labels that will be exposed to harsh conditions, so they need to be durable. Paper labels are chosen for a variety of applications, and they are often the most cost-effective choice. When topcoated or laminated, they can also achieve a decent level of durability. Thin films, clear polyester labels or silver and gold foils are perfect for applications that need to convey elegance and style.

All these facestocks can be used for pre-printed labels.